Pallet Based & Collapsible Bulk Containers
Center Flow Containers * Capacities for any application from 1,000 to 3,000 lbs.
* Secure, positive stacking improves product protection and safety
* Features such as 4-way entry and drop doors improve ergonomics and
   handling efficiency
* Superior durability for reliable performance
* 100% recyclable HDPE for environmental savings
Mini Bulk Containers * Mini-bulks are ideal for storing, shipping, and transferring a multitude of products.
* Solid, heavy-duty structure base allows storage of small but heavy items!
* These small but powerful containers gain strength from a 12-gauge,
   2" X 2" rolledchannel structure base.
NEW! Xytec Containers * A smooth exterior design for ease of cleaning
* A replaceable fork strap system that BI484034 lowers maintenance costs
* Spring loaded, sliding latches automatically lock hinged sidewalls and
   access doors
* XT containers feature a molded-in hinge design without metal or plastic
   hinge rods
Rigid Bulk Containers * Solid steel, Corrugated panels for added strength, Fire and impact resistant
* Capable of being dumped 180º
* Four-way fork entry
* Holds up to 6,000 lbs.
Wire Bulk Container * Put 4,000 lbs. in it. And then stack three more on top
* Four angle iron corner posts, each 3"x 3" x 3/16", with stacking gussets for
   super container strength
* Reinforced base of 13-gauge steel for stability and longevity
* 2-gauge wire base, sides and end panels, welded in 2" x 2" mesh pattern