Electronics Handling
Benchside Cart * Positions totes, boxes, or sub-assemblies at an angle conducive to efficient
   pickand-place operation
* Accommodates miscellaneous totes, cartons, or other items
* Uses minimal amount of available fl oor space
* Offers easy mobility and holds cart stationary at desired location
* Provides for dissipation of electrostatic charges
Horizontal Hold Carts * Adjustable panels with horizontal slides feature 5/8" (13mm) spacing for
   high-density loading
* Ideal for transporting work-in process and storing large quantities of boards
* Open chrome-plated steel panels allow for airfl ow and conductivity, and have
   slides that accept boards up to 1/8" (3mm) thick
Kitting Carts * Metro Kitting Carts provide effi cient handling of totes, PCB carriers, trays, or
   other material handling containers.
* Available in single, double, or triple bay confi gurations
* Available with 2-brake and 2-swivel casters in your choice of resilient rubber
    or polyurethane tread
Smart Tray * The ESD-safe SmartTray facilitates effi cient tracking of work-in-process and
   finished goods with the use of bar code technology
* Supports lean manufacturing by offering color-coding accessories that clearly
   identify trays and carts
* Molded from Metrostat,™ a material offering premium ESD protection