Food Handling
Food Boxes * Crystal clear materials is stain and color resistant and allows for visibility of
   food contents and quality
* White polypropylene containers provide durable and practical solution
* Texturing on corners and base reduces scratching
* Durable lids snap tightly into place during trasnport and keep foods fresh
Food Pans * Sliding lids and integrated scroops allow for ease of access to ingredients
   for preparation effeciency
* Promotes food safety compliance
* Effeciently stores and trasnports bulk foods
* Clarity allows for products identification for easier inventory control and ordering
* 25% more space efficient than round containers
Ingredient Bins * Integrated lid and measuring scroop allows for quick one-handed access
    to stored ingredients
* Clear window for fast ingredient identification and inventory management
* Commercial dishwasher safe
* One-handed access while stacked improves space efficiency