Wire Shelving * Save time and money by eliminating adjacent posts and replacing with "S" hooks
* Starter Units consist of four posts and indicated number of
   Super Adjustable Super Erecta shelves
* Super Adjustable Super Erecta shelves allow for quick and easy adjustability
* Open-wire shelf design minimizes dust and increases air circulation and visibility
Wall Mount Shelving * Built-in slots allow shelf supports and grids to attach without tools or hardware
* Mount directly to slotted uprights. Suitable for use with Super Erecta, MetroMax Q,
   and MetroMax i shelves
* Single shelf supports are used on each end of a single unit or side-by-side unit
* Double (intermediate) shelf supports are used when confi guring side-by-side
   wall shelving units
Z-line Shelving * Flexible shelving components create a fiveshelf unit or handy work table.
* Two way keyhole slots and snap-in rivet design make installation a snap.
* No clips, sway braces, corner gussets or additional hardware needed.
* Positioning shelves is easy, with a special flattened locator keyhole in every
   fourth position.